“We have been involved into the wine world since 1895, when my grandfather Enrico Verga gave life to a new project with the aim to develop a market of good wine at a great price-quality ratio. The project revealed to be a winning one and for 5 entire generations it has been constantly evolving, inextricably tied to the Italian tradition for quality.

Nowadays the brand Verga has conquered the large-scale distribution thanks to the various brand and private labels. A success that I shared with my father Giancarlo and that I continue to share with my sisters Cristina and Laura, waiting for the next generation to give a further innovative drive.

The investments allocated every year to the expansion of the production and to the enrichment of our offer underline the ability of the company to renew itself and constantly evolve to embrace the new trends and meet the needs of national and international markets.”

Natale Verga


We are present in more than 30 countries, with a distribution in foreign markets that represents the 35% of our business turnover.

Our new headquarter covers a surface area of 35.000 sq. m.

The winery has a storage capacity of 55.000 quintals and can count on three bottling lines. Two lines are dedicated to glass bottles of 0,75 liters and 1,5 liters with a production capacity of 25.000 bottles per hour; the third line is dedicated to 5 liters glass and PET.

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